What is Dubsado? And how can it help my business?

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There’s a famous saying, ‘Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life.’

However, my version of this quote says, ‘Do what you love, and you’ll invest every minute of your life working on it.’ – and I mean no offense!

After all, when you start working on your passion, you are entirely consumed by the desire to win. ‘NO’ is even not an option!

Implementing out-of-box ideas, keeping your life active over the social media channels, finding prospective clients and once they are on board; understanding their lifestyle, businesses and the jobs that they want you to get done – all of this (and much more) is happening simultaneously.

In this whirlwind of circumstances, the only predictable tasks that you get to do are the ones that keep on repeating periodically – and being a self-employed person myself; I know how intimidating those very tasks are!

Let me jot down some of the pain points that these sloppy tasks bring along with them…

  • Preparing invoices and sending them over to the clients (and missing those deadlines every one in a while);
  • preparing, submitting and tracking the client contracts;
  • lead tracking and actively keeping an eye on the prospective clients (a.k.a. Hot leads);
  • manually tracking and marking the end dates of contracts;
  • hundreds of open tabs on the browser, further complicating everything….


Well! I think I can go on forever. So, in favor of time – which perhaps is the most valuable asset for most business owners; I’ll stop here and share a fantastic CRM tool that I have recently discovered to manage all the tasks that previously used to make my head spin.


DUBSADO! Yes, you heard it right.


Dubsado is the only software that can manage all your tedious business tasks while you spend your time maximizing your profits. If you happen to be an automation lover, just like me, this is going to be your love at first sight. No kidding! I will prove my point by sharing the 5 best features that this fantastic tool has to offer.


1. Start New Contracts without any Hassle

The first step towards your client-contractor journey is contract signing. In the past, this used to be a tedious task – printing contract papers, signing, scanning and later on taking care of the box files later on.

Thanks to Dubsado – the contract signing and management has become a lot easier. You can easily create a new contract proposal (or choose one from the available templates) and send the link over to the client for signing it digitally.

Tada! Job done!

Dubsado will save the contract in your client’s record, and you’ll receive an intimation as soon as the contract is signed.


2. Lead Tracking – Let Dubsado do it!

Even if your client’s bucket list is full at the moment, you’ll want your connections active with the prospective clients for when the need arises in the future. Having leads in the sales funnel is essential, PERIOD.

Having said this, the lead generation, tracking, and management are all time-consuming tasks. Small business owners and freelancers just don’t have the time and extra resources to dedicate for this purpose.

Dubsado, however, offers an amazing solution for creating and managing the leads funnel. All you have to do is to create your lead form on Dubsado and share the link. There are many applications that you can embed with Dubsado for this purpose, and the process is as simple as 1 2 3! The lead management process on Dubsado can be entirely automated. Whatever information or selection your potential lead makes on your lead form, Dubsado automatically sends the relevant emails and forms accordingly.


3. Recurring Invoices? Not your headache anymore

Dubsado allows you automate recurring invoices. All you have to do is to set up the payment details on Dubsado, and it will take care of the rest. On the selected date, your client will receive the invoice, along with some easy ways to clear out the payment. You can set up the payment schedules for as many numbers of months or years as you want, and when the need arises discontinue them with a single click. Additionally, you can add an option for your clients to tip you, if your business model allows.

It’s not only you who benefit from the Dubsado automation, but your clients are equally on the receiving end. This software can be connected with PayPal, Square, and Stripe. It allows your clients to pay the invoice the swiftly with the help of their smartphones.

And wait, did I forget to mention the most important thing? Oh yes, here it is!

Dubsado allows you to set up whichever currency you are supposed to receive your payments into and has the capability to change the language, in case your client is not an English speaker.


4. Unleash the True Power of Automation

Implementing Dubsado doesn’t cost much, but the benefits are manifolds. It’s just like hiring another employee to do the jobs for you, and that too without even making any mistakes. You can create the workflows and automate almost everything using this tool – name the task, and you’ll find the solution in Dubsado. No bragging!

From having the capability to send event-based emails to the clients to sending the contract for signing; from sending the payment invoices to setting up the automatic reminders and sending an appropriate message and/or email along; you’ve got it all covered in Dubsado. This is the only CRM tool that allows maximum automation so that you can spend your precious time in the tasks that matter the most.


5. Keep Clients Happy with Client Portals

I had kept the Best for the Last, and here it is! 🙂

Being a business owner, it’s of utmost importance for you to give a WOW factor to your clients, now and then. We all know that and strive towards this goal with our full force and energy. It won’t be incorrect to acknowledge that this task takes the biggest chunk of our time as we try to devise strategies to impress our clients.

Guess what? Dubsado covers you on that front as well. You can create a client portal for them to stay connected to you while staying organized. This portal can be easily embedded in the website and allows your clients to share the task boards or files with you. This ease of communication promotes smooth client-business relationship, which ultimately results in a life-long relationship with your client.


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